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something new by cloudwarrior75

/ / ©2014-2015 cloudwarrior75
Currently working on a new cosplays for 2014. Have had some fun interesting rumors about me and ability to actually sew lol. But anyways working on a Peter Pan Costume inspired off the Disney theme park show costume. The patterning was done by myself. Materials used were flannel, fleece and leather. This was a rough pic. the belt is a stand in piece till I finish. All the leather was hand stitched in. There are 8 shoulder leafs total each one different than the other in some way. Still a ways from finished but pretty close once its 100% ill post up pics from a shoot. As always comments are welcome please keep them focused towards the costume and nothing inappropriate please working on getting back to replying to questions on here and keeping up with my account. also please remember use of my work is NOT ok without my permission so please ask before trying to use any of my images, pics, or etc.
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Mdstudio66 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
Nice work! With the Robin belt, it makes me think that you could also use this for some kind of Robin Hood era version of Robin.
ragnusangel Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014
great job! i really love this costume
elf7knight Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014
It's coming along great!
comicgeek1969 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014
this looks awesome.  well done.
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February 9, 2014
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